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Where God Has Blessed


Kliewer Alpaca Lane

Reedley, CA 93654

Lowell Kliewer owns two alpacas that I take care of.  They are for sale.  Call for more information. These are the pre-sale prices.  Call for current end-of-year sale prices or to make an offer.  All offers will be seriously considered.

204 Peruvian Shazam's Cleopatra.  Light Fawn, Huacaya, Bred, Proven Female.  DOB: 9/3/06  Sale Price: $5000 SOLD1

Outlaw's Creamora.  Light Fawn, Huacaya, Bred, Unproven Female. DOB: 11/21/09  Sale Price: $5000

Priscilla of PVA.  Light Fawn, Huacaya, Bred, Proven Female. DOB: 6/29/07  Sale Price: $6000

Lowell's Lady Alvina.  Light Fawn, Huacaya, Yearling, Female.  DOB: 11/21/10  Sale Price: $5000 SOLD1

Priscilla's Henrietta.  White, Huacaya, Yearling, Female.  DOB: 5/28/10  Sale Price $5000 SOLD1

Mira of PVA.  White, Huacaya, Open, Proven, Female.  DOB: 8/24/06  Sale Price  $4000 SOLD1

Outlaw's Kuzco. Bay Black, Huacaya, Juvenile Male.  DOB: 9/16/12  Sale Price  SOLD!

Cleopatra's Moonbeam.  Medium/Light Fawn, Huacaya, Juvenile Female.  DOB: 10/1/12  Sale Price  SOLD!

Grand Poohbah's Chocolate Prince. Dark Brown, Huacaya, Juvenile Male.  DOB: 10/10/12 Sale Price $2000 SOLD1

Updated August 30, 2017